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It is the self-evident responsibility of every American to participate in the process to elect candidates for public offices at all levels of government.  The ramifications of citizens not voting can have very detrimental effects on how important issues are managed by elected officials. 

Please take the time to learn where the candidates for elected office stand on those issues now and on election day, please vote!

For The Good Of Our Nation!

America's Roar©

Social Network
Every template comes with its own intuitive settings so you can quickly and easily customize every facet of your site.

Friends and Follows
Members can connect with others using friends and follows.

Mobile Ready
Your members can browse your site using any mobile phone or tablet.

Mentions Everywhere
You can mention people in any place by using "@".

Create Blogs
Users may blog, post, draft, and blog post approval.

Blog Category
Blog categories with view and contributing permissions.

Add Photos
Users may upload one photo at a time or multiple photos at once.

Members may keep their photos organized in their very own photo album.

Members may upload Video
videos from their local computer or mobile phone.

Video Playlist
Members may organize their videos with playlist.

Embed Video
Members  may embed videos from youtube/vimeo and many other providers by simply copying the video's URL.

Watch Later
This feature allows members to add videos to their own watch later list.

Members may upload tracks from their local computer or mobile phone. The system will generate music waves automatically.

Track Playlist
Members may organize tracks with playlists.

Member Profile
Members may customize profile page with template settings and widgets.

Send and receive private messages from friends.

Keeps  members notified in real-time when someone is engaging with their content.

Members may post updates with photos/links/mentions/tags.

Members may repost status and post to your own activity.

Members can reate an event and invite their friends.

Event Photos
Members may upload photos after event ends.

Members may create forum topic and reply post.

Forum Category
1AS will create forum categories with view, contributing and replying permissions.

Fan Pages
Members may create a fan page, and post status to that page.

Members may create a private/public group for people who share the same interests.

Group Content
Members may post status/blogs/photos/videos/tracks/events/posts.

Chat Bar
Members may usethw 1AS chat bar, that will allow them to communicate their friends in real-time.

Chat Room
Members may initiate or join a group chat in a chat room channel.

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